Ulipsu is a global online ecosystem for skilling where children get access to an ever-growing bundle of curated courses, thoughtfully designed by experts. All content is delivered through short and easy-to-understand bit-sized classes, live masterclasses, & educational series.

Our best plan only costs ₹1999 for a full year of learning. We do however have 3 & 6-month subscription plans at just ₹999 & ₹1499 respectively.

If you think about it, our per day prices are less than a cup of coffee.

No matter which plan you choose, your child gets access to all that our platform has to offer.

Certainly not!

If you are reading this, you already have a device that is enough. Any device - smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, or a TV, that can connect to the internet works perfectly fine.

Sorry that we did not give you a reason to buy a new iPad or iPhone.

There is no fixed cap on the number of hours children should spend on our app every day. They can go as short as 5 mins. Also, we recommended that children watch no more than one hour at a stretch.

No, our courses are designed to help kids learn by themselves, at their own pace, except during activities to facilitate material. However, if the parent wishes to get hands-on & willingly involved in the child’s learning they can do so.

We have something better in mind!

Coming soon! We’ll reward your child’s milestones with digital rewards that are redeemable at the end of the subscription or to gift yourself other educational products that aid learning.

Yes, of course, our product is designed around teaching children through experiential learning. In any of our courses, kids are involved in fun activities and projects - both on & off the screen.

Simply sign-up, choose a plan that works for you, download our app on PlayStore or AppStore Go to app , log in & let your children explore various classes.

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