Yoga to Improve Flexibility of Hips

9 Classes (27m 37s)

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About This Class

Do you want to relieve the stiffness and tension in the hip region? Do you want to improve your physical development and regulate your body coordination? Then, this course is for you. The Frog Slit Pose, Pigeon Leg Stretch Pose, Bound Angle Pose, Anjaneyasana and Lizard Pose not only helps in enhancing your hip joint flexibility, but also stretches and strengthens the back muscle and improves your sitting posture. This helps in maintaining spine health. This course will take you through Warm-ups Performing Frog Split Pose Performing Pigeon Leg Stretch Pose Performing Bound Angle Pose Performing Anjaneyasana Performing Lizard Pose Relaxation Conclusion Materials Required: Yoga mat, Yoga block, Yoga strap Keep practising this asana routinely. Keep Skilling!

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