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About This Class

Do you know why hobbies are important? Do you know that hobbies have various benefits? Do you know the different types of hobbies and the potential drawbacks of having way too many hobbies? Do you know how to pick the right hobby for you and how to work on it the right way? Do you know that you can build careers out of hobbies? Then this course will help you learn everything you need and more about hobbies! Through this course, children will learn - -

  • The range of the potential benefits of hobbies.                                        
  • The forms of hobbies, how to incorporate the right form of hobby and take them up.
  • The potential benefits of hobbies and how some hobbies can become careers.                                           

Then wait no more, go through this course and get started on your hobby goals!

Keep learning and keep upskilling!

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