Watercolour Techniques

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About This Class

Want to dive deeper into the world of watercolours? Want to learn techniques to create more attractive paintings? Then, this course is for you.

Have you heard of pushing, pulling and poking? Yes, they are watercolour techniques that you will learn in this course. Also, you will learn very useful watercolour techniques like

Wet on wet technique to create colour gradients and watercolour flowers
Wet on dry technique to create watermelon
Dry on dry technique to create house and cheetah
Dry on wet technique to create night sky and beach

Not just that, you will also learn some cool watercolour hacks that can make your paintings even more interesting.

Let’s get started then and create some very attractive paintings!

Materials required: Watercolour liquids, watercolour pancakes, watercolour tubes, watercolour pencils, watercolour sheets (hot pressed sheet, cold pressed sheet, handmade sheet), paint brush set (round brushes, flat brushes, spotter brushes and fan brushes), pencil, eraser, ruler, paint palette, two water cups, masking tape, hair dryer, bubble wrap, watercolour stamps, plastic ziplock bag or pouch, toothbrush, gum tape and tissue paper

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