Place values

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A number, say 1, in the unit's place, gives a different value, but the same number in the tens place is 10. Every time we move left, it increases. 

But the face value of a number remains the same irrespective of its position. 


What is a place value? 

Why is it necessary to understand? 

Does it help in day-to-day life? 

What is the difference between place value and face value? 

Do you also have questions like these in your mind? 

Don't worry! We have it all here and made it easy for you. 

With the help of your mentor, you will learn,

About place value and face value. 

Difference between place value and face value 

The expanded form of numbers using place value. 

Hurry up! Click on the course! Enjoy learning! Put all that learning into practice after watching all the videos. 

Keep Skilling! 

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