My First Robot

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About This Class

In this course, you'll learn, 

Different types of Motors available and what they are used for

How to interface Motors with Arduino

How to use a transistor as a switching circuit for Motors

Use of ULN2003 and L293D module

And how to build the ArduBot and make him dance!

Keep building!

Components List

  • Arduino Uno DIP -1
  • Arduino Uno Cable -1
  • Bread Board Big - 800 pins -1
  • LED 5mm Blue -2
  • Resistor 220 Ohm (0.25W) -2
  • Jumper wires (Male-Female)
  • DC Motor 3V-12V -1
  • BO Motor 150RPM -2
  • Propeller for DC Toy Motor - 1
  • Motor Driver L293D -1
  • BO Motor Wheel Small -2
  • BC 547 Transistor
  • IC ULN2003
  • Caster Wheel Small
  • Car shape cardboard

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