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About This Class

Want to build your own Arduino Piano with some buttons and make some melodies? Then, you have come to the right place! This course is all about interfacing buttons with Arduino. 

In this course, you'll learn,

The Digital Read Function

Types of Buttons and Switches and their working

Pull-up and Pull-down circuits

How to control the Motor with a push button

How to interface multiple push buttons to build the Piano

And about the internal pull-up function

Keep creating!

  • Components List
  • Arduino Uno DIP -1
  • Arduino Uno Cable -1
  • Bread Board Big - 800 pin
  • Resistor 220 Ohm (0.25W)
  • Resistor 1k Ohm  (0.25W)
  • Jumper Wire (male-male)
  • Jumper wire (male-female)
  • Single Strand Wires
  • Push Botton Switch 2 Pin
  • Passive buzzer module 3 pin

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