Life of a gardener

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About This Class

Do you want to fill your home with beautiful, life-giving plants? Do you want to learn how to make your own pots from the waste that is available at home?

Do you want to know if your plants are healthy, overwatered, or in need of extra water?

Yes, you read that correctly; this course will walk you through various types of gardens, how to create one, the advantages of doing so, and how to care for the plants.

By watching the course you will be able to learn and understand-

  • Importance of having a garden.
  • Types of soil, suitable plants for different soils.
  • Manure and composting method and repotting.
  • Plant propagation.
  • Watering schedule, supervision and care

Then what are you waiting for? Go through the course and build a beautiful garden at your place.

You can keep a few plastic containers such as bottles and boxes or you can keep waste coconut shells ready for a fun DIY project! 

Keep learning and keep upskilling!!!

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