Janti Varase in Maya Malava Gowla - Part 1

7 Classes (19m 2s)

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About This Class

Do you like Carnatic music? Have you heard of Sarale Varase and Janti Varase? Then, this course is for you. Join our amazing mentor and learn the basics of carnatic music. 

In this course, you will 

  • Learn Sa Pa Sa, Aarohana and Avarohana
  • Understand Thaala
  • Learn what is Janti Varase
  • Understand the difference between Janti Varase and Sarale Varase
  • Understand the first form of Janti Varase
  • Learn Janti Varase in First Speed
  • Learn Janti Varase in Second Speed
  • Learn Janti Varase in Third Speed
  • Practise Janti Varase in All Three Speeds

Keep Practising Janti Varase!!

Keep Skilling!!

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