Colour, colour, what colour?

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About This Class

Colour, colour… what colour? Don’t we all love playing with colours? Isn’t it fun when we have more colours to play with?

How about adding a wider range of colours to our paintings? Come, lets jump into the world of colours and explore
Colour Wheels
Warm & Cool Colours
Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Colours
Tones, Tints & Shades
Colour Swatches

Our super amazing mentor is here to take you through the world of colours.

Materials required: Pencil, eraser, ruler, geometry compass, watercolour sheet (cold pressed sheet of 300 gsm), water cup, watercolour liquids, watercolour pancakes, watercolour tubes, watercolour pencils, paint brush set (round brushes, flat brushes, spotter brushes and fan brushes) and paint palette

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