Battery Voltage Tester

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About This Class

Did you know you can build your own Voltmeter, with the help of a 16x2 LCD Display and the Arduino Board? This course will teach you to do just that!

In this course, you'll learn,

How LCD works, and about the 16x2 LCD Display.

How to Display various messages on the LCD like your name and birthday!

To use Arduino's inbuilt library

To use the concept of ADC to build the Voltmeter!

Let's keep building!

Components List

  • Arduino Uno DIP -1
  • Arduino Uno Cable -1
  • Bread Board Small - 400pin -1
  • Resistor 220 Ohm (0.25W) - 1
  • Potentiometer 10k Ohm with Knob -1
  • Jumper wires (male-male) 
  • Jumper wires (male-female)
  • Single Strand Wires
  • Coin cell 3v -1
  • AA Cells -1
  • LCD Display 16x2 -1
  • Wire Stripper -1

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