Auto Candle Blower Bot

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About This Class

Want to build your own candle blower robot? Then you are on the right course.

In this course, you will learn about the Analog read function. 

Types of sensors and Analog to digital converter.

Interfacing Sensors with Arduino. Program to read sensor values.

And at the end, you will make a Robot which blows off the candle when it is lit.

Components List

  • Arduino Uno DIP -1
  • Arduino Uno Cable -1
  • Bread Board Small - 400pin -1
  • Resistor 10k Ohm (0.25W) -1
  • Potentiometer 10k Ohm with Knob -1
  • Jumper Wire (male-male)
  • Jumper wire (male-female)
  • Single Strand Wires 
  • DC Motor 3V-12V -1
  • Coin Cell 3V -1
  • Propeller for DC Toy Motor -1
  • IR Sensor Module -1
  • Sound Sensor 4 pin -1
  • Motor Driver L293d -1
  • IR Receiver -1
  • IR Transmitter -1

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